Description of the painting by Rembrandt "Venus and Cupid"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt

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Do you want to, believe it or not, but this painting is not entirely written by Rembrandt. The thing is that he just started this canvas, and then invited his students to finish it. And no matter how strange the pupils were, they did not remember, but the teachers immortalized again.

But, perhaps, we can say that Rembrandt was the most chaste of all known painters. Why chaste? But the portrait shows everything. Almost for the first time, Venus is not stripped, but dressed like in the clothes of the times of the author himself, and Cupid, if not for his wings, would have looked like a simple boy. But what a tenderness between them, what a motherly love!

And what is Venus herself! Where is the slim and beautiful woman? Not her, this slightly plump woman with a pretty face only vaguely resembles that Venus that we all know thanks to Botticelli. Only a face and no more ... And Rembrandt figured out how to make visitors understand and believe that this is Venus with Cupid. He simply painted wings for the baby. But the most purely Rembrandt is the design of the canvas.

Nothing superfluous, only these two and their faces illuminated by some kind of internal light. But in fact, the painting “The Return of the Prodigal Son” is formed in almost the same way: two people - one on his knees, the other just standing nearby and gently looking down at his son ... And that’s it! Nothing more, no background. So after all, here is only Venus and her son, whom she gently holds in her arms, and he seems to be complaining to her or asking for help.

Who knows what could happen to the joker Cupid. And she still has that prankster! Just remember how much trouble has happened because of his arrows! But this is mother, she will not give offense, she is love itself, femininity itself, perfection itself!

But still there are some errors in this canvas, and they are clearly created by the students. Pay attention to the hands, the impression is that these are men's hands. This is what authorship gives out.

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