Description of the painting Arkady Rylov "In Nature"

Description of the painting Arkady Rylov

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Rylov was a master of landscapes in a symbolist spirit. He was a direct student of Kuindzhi.

The artist loved the most holistic images, special lighting, an unusual understanding of the light.

The whole landscape is imbued with an incredibly joyful feeling. The space is built in a special way. It was this manner that was characteristic of the painter.

The colors of all his creations are very dense. They are incredibly far from the unsteadiness of etudes. The transmitted mood is always epic. Often, it is transmitted to the audience with the help of special prologs or some forebodings of something.

The artist sought to create landscapes, paintings. He wanted to maximize the generalization of his native nature, creating a romantic mood and conveying its national features.

When looking at this creation, you feel the artist’s special ability to look at paintings that are absolutely everyday and familiar to us, in a completely different way, with special poetry. A huge number of people passed by them daily. They did not notice this beauty. No one saw the blue of the river, in which the clouds fantastically bathed, reflecting in it somehow unusually, like in some kind of wonderful fairy tale. The artist was constantly overwhelmed with impressions of what he saw. His hand itself reached for the brush and canvas to capture all this. Most likely, Rylov sought not only to glorify the nature of Russia, but to remind us all that people bear the full responsibility for ensuring that it not only is preserved, but also flourishes.

The artist used incredibly bright and rich colors. At first glance, they are somewhat unnatural. But it is precisely this combination of colors and particular richness that conveys the mood of the artist and the main idea of ​​his entire painting. Incredible skill - to see beauty in the ordinary, to notice the wonderful in the ordinary. It is important not only to see it, but also to convey it to the audience so that they feel it with full force. It is not surprising that Rylov became the founder of Soviet painting.

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