Description of Camille Corot's painting “Morning”

Description of Camille Corot's painting “Morning”

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It should be noted right away: the canvas is so old that even in the photo you can see how the paint has deteriorated a bit, and in some places it has darkened, and therefore it is not always possible to understand what is happening on the canvas. Although in fact there is nothing beyond the unprecedented on this canvas.

A simple morning of ordinary people who live away from their masters. By the way, it is precisely because of the darkened colors that it is not immediately possible to discern a house in the thick of the forest. He already guesses the outline, although maybe it was such an idea of ​​the author. But then the question is, what are the two figures busy exactly in the middle of the canvas in the foreground? Either have breakfast, or are already working on cutting wood.

It is not clear, but both versions may well be real. This large carriage thrown in the middle of a clearing could well play a role both as a table and as a material for sawing. Moreover, the traces of the work begun, we are already visible in the form of a pair of sawn logs.

Another thing is surprising: how subtle, how accurately the sensation of an early morning is captured. The sky is not even blue, but some kind of milky gray. The terrain in the distance is clearly in fog. Only the trees in the foreground are sharply traced, which let us know what time of year we are in - this is most likely still autumn. Although it may be spring. The second is preferable, because the lush green grass tells us that it appeared recently. Yes, and the young tree that stands in front, it seems only - just starting to gain color and he has his own crown.

Although it can be imagined in another way: the leaves fell off this tree first, as harbingers of autumn and firewood are harvested for the winter. Also, by the way, a good version. So the canvas gives room for imagination and the main thing here is not to re-imagine the situation. And so it’s possible to invent for yourself what the author could never have imagined. Although who knows ...

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